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EUROPEAN COLLOQUIUM : SATURDAY, APRIL 13th 2013, 10am - 6.00pm, Barcelona, Spain

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The 13th of April 2013, in Abat Oliba Ceu’s Conference Room, the AEFLIB has organized in Barcelona, a colloquium which subject was: “Civil Society and Associative/Private Higher Education in Europe”

Introduction MBoyance

4 workshops took place with the following themes:

Higher Education and Knowledge Society: Lifelong education

The University and the knowledge society
Alfred Fernandez

- Moderator: Alfred Fernandez, General Director, OIDEL
- Antoni Arasanz i Mayolas, Professor, Universitat Intrernacional de Catalunya, Development Advisor to the Department of Education of the Regional Government of Catalonia.
- Paul H. Dembinski, Director Observatoire de la Finance à Genève, Professor of Economy, University of Fribourg
- Luis Vasquez, Secretary General of the Foreign Press Association in Switzerland and correspondent for the newspaper El Pais in Switzerland

The Formation of the Human Person and its self - development: which conception?

The Formation of the Human Person and its self - development: which conception?
Carlos Perez del Valle

- Moderator: Carlos Perez del Valle, Chancellor, Universitat Abat Oliba CEU
- Yvonne Flour, Professor, University Panthéon-Sorbonne, Vice-Président of the Scientific Committee
- Mrsg Professor Larry Hogan, President, Internationales Theologisches Institut, Trumau
- Manfred Spieker, Professor Emeritus, University of Osnabrück

The Financing of Private Education : how much from the State, how much from the private sector?

The Financing of Private Higher Education
Guido Hülsmann

- Moderator: Terence Kealey, Vice Chancellor, The University of Buckingham
- Jand de Groof, Professor, Collège de l’Europe and Tiburg University
- Rosario Saez Yuguero, Chancellor, Universidad Catolica de Avila
- Josef Sima, Economist, Chancellor, Cevro Institut (Prague)

The principle of subsidiarity

The principle of subsidiarity and freedom of education
Michel Boyancé

- Moderator: Michel Boyancé, Dean, IPC
- Rafael Alvira, Professor, General Manager « Institut Entreprise et humanisme », Universidad de Navarra
- Francis Delpérée, Professor Emeritus, University of Louvain, Senator, Parliament of Belgium
- Luisa Ribolzi, Professor, Member of the italian national agency for Assessment for University and Reseach
- Joseph Seifert, Professor, International Academy of Philosophy, Liechtenstein


Michel Boyancé, President, Aeflib.

For any further information, please contact

You will find enclosed various documents relative to the themes of the colloquium.
The acts of the colloquium will be published in october.

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