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CEVRO INSTITUT - school of political studies

CEVRO Institut, o.p.s. is a private college, which was established by a foundation charter of September 15th, 2005. The founder of CEVRO Institut, o.p.s. is the citizen association of CEVRO – Liberal-Conservative Academy. CEVRO Institut is focused on education and research in the area of social sciences with practical use in public life. CEVRO Institut is located in Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic.

The civic association of CEVRO – Liberal conservative Academy was established in 1999. The idea of life-long education and development of persons active in public life as well as activities of related institutions (so-called think-tanks) in Western world is the main inspiration that stood behind the inception of CEVRO.

CEVRO Institut set several goals for its activities: exchange of experience and knowledge about domestic and international events, and breaking barriers between political, academic, business, media and civic areas as well as between groups defined in terms of different age, education, opinion and social groups. Another goal of CEVRO Institut is to stimulate lively interests in public affairs and popularization of the liberal-conservative thought.

Since its foundation CEVRO has created an education system that enriches an important part of the Czech political representation and Czech public as a whole. One of the major activities of CEVRO is organization of one-year interdisciplinary study within Liberal-conservative academy, issuing the monthly journal of CEVRO Revue, organizing conferences, seminars, public discussions, studies abroad, and publishing activities.

The people active in the executive team of CEVRO and other co-workers comment on domestic as well as international events, they also take part in international and domestic conferences, hold lectures at public and private universities and colleges, publish scientific texts and are involved in communication training of eminent personalities.

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